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Chicago Charter Boat Fishing Service on Lake Michigan docked at Belmont Harbor

Lake Michigan Charter Boat Fishing Trip from Chicago - Our Charter boat has won many fishing tournaments


What to Bring

Belmont Harbor Chicago Charter Fishing

 Michigan City Indiana Sport Fishing

Aboard any of our Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Boat you will need to bring

                             Fishing Gear to Bring on a Chicago Charter Boat

All your fishing gear and fishing equipment is provided by Salukis Pride Charters  for all Lake Michigan fishing charter boats.  Below is a list of a few things that you should bring on your Chicago charter fishing trip.

What to bring on a charter

Bring a small cooler for food and drinks. Ask your charter boat Captain how large of a cooler you will need.   You will also need a cooler with ice to transport the fish home with you.

A sports bag to carry all your personal fishing gear

A sports bag is a good idea to bring for carrying your gear, hat, glasses etc and other personal items that you need on a charter fishing trip.

Your Chicago fishing charter will provide water for you trip. We can cater your trip for the cost of the food and drinks.  Most of our customers bring their won food and drinks.  Alcohol is allowed

Foul weather gear - Optional

If you will be fishing in foul or rainy weather then you may want to bring a very light weight wind breaker or rain jacket.

Bring polarized sun glasses to block the suns glare

Bring sun glasses. Preferrably polarized fishing glasses to lessen the sun's glare that reflects up off the water. The sun can burn you very quickly and bad sunburn can ruin your fishing trip.

A camera or video camera for pictures

Bring a camera to take snapshots of those big fish you catch or video of the beautiful Chicago Skyline

Fishing hats to block sun burn

A hat or ball cap is a good idea, especially for you guys that are getting a bit thin on top. Protect your head from the sun's burning rays.

If you get seasick then motion sickness pills would be a very good idea

If you get sea sick or aren't sure if you get sea sick then it is a very wise idea to take your Dramamine the night before you leave the dock. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip worse than a guy named "RALPH".

Sun screen so you won't burn

Make sure you bring sunscreen, especially if you easily burn.

Bring cash to tip the boat's mate - TIP HIM WELL!

You probably already paid for the trip but you should make sure you have some cash in pocket so you can tip the First Mate. Being Mate on a charter boat is not easy work and these guys deserve every dime they get.


Valid State fishing license and salmon stamp - we will tell you where we will be fishing a day or two prior to your trip. We do have licenses available for purchase for all three states. Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois

You can purchase licenses for Illinois online below

Chicago Lake Michigan Fishing Licenses ( Click Here for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Web site)  When fishing in Illinois Water

 When Fishing in Indiana Water

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Web Site

When Fishing in Michigan Water

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Web Site




Contact the Captain Ian Stewart 847.942.6382 (cell phone) or

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Charter Boat Fishing on Lake Michigan out of Belmont Harbor